Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Technical Difficulties

A quick note to let you know I’ve been busy, have lots of stuff which may never make it out of the camera; which is a pity. I have some 900 new photos (maybe 25-30 cemeteries) from a swing through southern Oregon, including the magnificent Jacksonville Cemetery and two Native-America burial grounds. But they may be lost due to technical glitches.

Shoot me.

But I’m still here, and when I save anything — if I do — I’ll send it on to you.


dustbunny8 said...

I really hope you can save your stuff, you take the most incredible pictures.Thanks for sharing!

crow said...

I'm really sorry to read this. I hope you can save your pictures!

crow said...

Somebody just told me about this recovery product, don't know if it could help you:

(this is piemouth from flickr)

Joe Dallmann said...

First good luck with your technical difficulties. So thanks to Dustbunny up there I found your site. And thanks to my boredom today I created a couple banner possibilities for your blog here. They are free for you to use or not use and feel free to suggest changes if you want. Oh yeah I'm from and here's the ideas I came up with. Anyone else needed a banner let me know...