Monday, December 3, 2012

You Are Not Alone

Really? keeps track of a variety of information which is available to the user. You can’t tease out everything you might want to know, but there’s enough there to whet your whistle. They don’t, for example, tell you from which country everyone has come that have visited your site, but they give you a breakdown of the heavy hitters; and if you troll each week, you can catch many countries with less frequent visitors to your site.

In the past week, for example, I’ve had visitors from—besides the United States—in order of number of visitors: Germany, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, South Korea, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

All-time, the rankings are somewhat different. The U.S. still leads in page views with 73.4%, but is followed, way down the list, by, of all countries, Russia with 7.1%. Germany follows with 5.7%; United Kingdom, 4%; Canada, 3.4%; and , surprisingly, Ukraine at 1.6%; France, 1.4%; Netherlands, 1.2%; Australia, 1.2%; and, finally, Slovenia at 1%. Yes! Let’s hear it for Slovenia! Statistically there’s not much difference between Ukraine and Slovenia and the countless other countries not listed, but we’re proud of every one of them.

Although we do wonder, how in the heck did they find us? let’s us know, for example, that 45% of the page views were through Internet Explorer versus 27% for Firefox, but that’s not telling us much.

Regardless, hello to all you Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, French, Dutch, and Slovniks and everyone else.

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