Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going out in style

That’s the way it goes. I was sitting down to compose a post about the Jacksonville Cemetery, beginning with a selection of photos, when I got caught up in the latest AGS newsletter. Inter alia, was a posting about an urn-shop, Funeria, which has an absolutely stunning (and sometimes amusing) collection of modern funerary urns. They also sponsor a biennial art show devoted to funerary arts.

If you can’t afford one of the Frank Lloyd Wright vaults, this is the next best thing.

The following is a quote from their homepage:

“Funeria is a unique international arts agency that has been leading the emerging genre for original, contemporary, thoughtfully conceived and superbly crafted funerary urns and vessels for people and our beloved animals since 2001.

“Each original artist-made and artist-designed personal memorial artwork we offer, through retail channels worldwide, stands on its beauty alone and is as unique as the individual it will serve. Each embodies the creative spirit that produced it, and holds the promise of reminding us of a life we’ve loved. All are intended to contain the shell-like particles and dust of cremated individuals, at least for a time. Whether kept at home, buried, placed in a glass-fronted columbarium niche or private mausoleum, or used to scatter their contents in a place of special significance, Funeria® artist-made and artist-designed urns, vessels and personal memorial objects honor the life of their recipient and they honor the gifts of the artist.”

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