Saturday, February 20, 2010

From Filler to Post

A quick note to reassure readers that I still exist and have not taken my work too seriously and disappeared neath the ground.

Unfortunately, as far as cemeteries are concerned, not only has playing the banjo eaten considerably into my camera time, but it's been joined by a spurt of "product development." I realize that at my age product development seems as reasonable as playing the banjo, but seeing as how that hasn't stopped me, yet…

Regardless, the result is that I'm only half-way through production of a test line, and it will take me some months more to finish. And of course, if by any miracle the product is a success, I would hope to be busy for the foreseeable future.

The good news is that I just got back from a three-day swing though southern Oregon, having taken some 600 photos. I got lucky when I hit the Applegate wine route, which leads to some of the best pioneer cemeteries in the state. The scenery is remote; comfortably gorgeous; and populated by a curious mixture of vintners, aging hippies cum organic gardeners, and conspiracy-guided survivalists. A man could live down here!

And, for that matter, so could a woman!

There's more than a little California in the Siskiyous, the mountains which dominate the southwestern quadrant of our state: climate, if nothing else.

But when you combine the banjo/product/family/work demands with the time it takes to clean up and comment on 600 pictures, you'll appreciate that it will be a while yet before there's a real posting to this blog.

In the words of the mystical queen of the corporate phone message: "Please don't hang up; you're call is important to us. A blog-writer will be with you shortly."

We appreciate your patience.