Wednesday, May 13, 2009

News of the Hereafter

Masonic Cemetery (Sheridan, OR)

Late breaking news from the world of the dead:

You probably saw this stuff in your hometown paper or elsewhere, but if you happened to have missed it, here are a couple notes from our paper, The Oregonian:

An unnamed cemetery in Chicago (4/26/09) has built “a red brick wall designed to resemble the one in dead center at Wrigley Field… and is ready to accept the cremated remains of Cubs fans—inside $800 Cubbie blue and white urns if they wish.”

I’ve heard said that being a Cubs fan will kill you.

The same paper reported (5/13/09) that the State of Oregon is looking to regulate new body disposal methods, ones I’d never heard of. One process called “resomation” (if you can believe that; I couldn’t find it in any dictionary on-line) “dissolve[s] bodies into a soapy liquid.” That sounds especially wonderful. Another alternative is to freeze-dry Uncle Jake and grind him up “into a fine powder” which can be disposed of in a biodegradable coffin.

Or, presumably, added to your favorite cake recipe, little by little.

“Eat up now, children. Remember how Uncle Jake used to love chocolate cake?”


Untangled Family Roots said...

LOL.....what can I say, just too funny. Now I know where to go when I need a good laugh and some graveyard humor for the day.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Amy. Death is too permanent to take too seriously.

Or, as that fellow in Never on Sunday said, I laugh and sing to keep from crying.

Thanks for coming on board and I hope I live up to you expectations.