Wednesday, July 1, 2009


And a note to Deez. I'm still having technical difficulties and can't email you or leave a comment on either your stuff or my own stuff, but, hopefully, this will get published, and, if you see it and could send me an email address that I can actually see, I'd write to you about eh banner proposals, which I enjoyed a lot. There are technical question, such as how to employ it, but that can wait until I've got myself operating smoothly. I'm looking to buy a new computer soon and will wait till that's up and running before I get on to refinements.

The photos have been saved — Thank God! — but it will be some time before they get organized and posted on Flickr. I visited 30 cemeteries on my swing through the Siskeyous. Two were posted with "no trespassing" signs and three were lawn cemeteries for which I did minimal drive-by shootings; but the other 25 produced some 900 photos.


Joe Dallmann said...

You can reach me on facebook at or send email there. I don't check my email that often though. The banners are saved on my end so no worries. You can also just reach me at my blog too.

crow said...

I'm very happy to hear that the photos were saved and look forward to seeing them on Flickr.

piemouth on Flickr.