Friday, July 27, 2012

Urn Your Keep

Obama by Cremation Solutions
 3D printing, they say, can print just about anything. With a couple photos of your face—front on and sideways—they can print a perfect 3D you. Better than Madame Tussauds. An outfit called Cremation Solutions—in case you need a solution; I’ve heard fire works well—is now offering of bust of whomever hollowed out into a cremains urn. The example they have on their website may be a bit premature, but the Commander-in-Chief could be known as the Deadhead-of-State. (We’re not  suggesting anything, Homeland, we know you’re there.)

If they can do a bust, I don’t know why they couldn’t do a whole naked you, but that might be asking a bit much. It’s a tad unheimlich.

On a more elegant note, Steve Prastka of Capsule Project chatted with me at the funeral directors’ conference about his modernist urns that are beautiful if pricey. That got me searching the Web for cremation urns, but found that the Web does a terrible job of finding such. Pretty much everything I found was awful or worse, and it never led me to Steve’s product. Back to “never underestimate the vulgarity of the American public.”
Urn by Capsule Project


Jonathan said...

That Obama bust is disturbing; looks like something from a Philip K. Dick novel. The modernist urn looks like just the thing for the upscale person.

Unknown said...


We really enjoyed your presentation at the recent OFDA Convention. As a designer, I especially enjoyed your visual narrative and dedication to documenting these hidden gems around the NW!

I appreciate the post on your blog about our contemporary American-made cremation urns and keepsakes. Thanks again for the kind words about Capsule Urn.

Hope to cross paths again...


Steve Prastka
Design Director
Capsule Urn, LLC.